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Stags Head Hotel Nagoya Country House The Westbourne Bed & Breakfast
Stags Head Hotel
Church Street, Windermere
Nagoya Country House
4 Brackenfield, Windermere
The Westbourne Bed & Breakfast
Biskey Howe Road, Windermere
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White Lodge Hotel Hawkrigg Guest House Burn How Garden House Hotel
White Lodge Hotel
Lake Road, Windermere
Hawkrigg Guest House
Far Sawrey, Windermere
Burn How Garden House Hotel
Bowness-On-Windermere, Windermere

Never mind that they are set within Cumbria's most popular destination, set in the wonderful Lake District, some may be surprised by the wide variety of facilities on offer at Bowness-on-Windermere Hotels. On the face of it, many of the hotels overlooking the lake give the impression that they are the reserve of the landed gentry, not to be encroached upon by those of us deemed to be of the so called Great Unwashed. Well, that might have been the case in the deep class divisions of the past, when wealthy businessmen from Lancashire came to Bowness on Windermere to build large residences with stunning views of the lake. Today however, many of these houses have been converted to hotel accommodation and are there for all to enjoy at reasonable prices. The result is that Bowness-on-Windermere Hotels are beautiful on the outside as well as containing a few surprises on the inside.

The key to a good hotel is to provide high standard of accommodation and service in order to make the guest as comfortable as possible. A GREAT hotel on the other hand will provide this and more, allowing guests to engage in the particular mindset or activity that most allows them the chance to escape their everyday lives. Bowness-on-Windermere Hotels indulge guests on all levels.

For many, this escapism is just the opportunity to enjoy the sheer beauty and tranquillity of Lake Windermere in the Lake District, the latter of which was designated a National Park in 1951. Bowness-on-Windermere Hotels allow guests access to the best of what the National Park has to offer, without stepping out too far. In fact it can be as easy as standing in your dressing gown and throwing open the bedroom curtains to be faced with the beauty of the scenery before you. For those who appreciate the more gentle side of life, enjoy a full English breakfast in the morning, a read of the papers in a lounge overlooking the lake, or a simple stroll within the grounds of the beautiful Victorian buildings, feasting on the fresh air and breathtaking views.

Not that you have to do anything drastic to take the sight seeing to a completely different level altogether. Residents of Bowness-on-Windermere Hotels have access to the steamships that travel to Waterhead to the north and lakeside to the south. A return cruise around the lake will take around 3 hours, perfect for enjoying a spot of lunch and a couple of GandTs, ice and slice twice, and then making it back in time for afternoon tea.

The older and the younger generation who are equally fascinated by the romance of old railway engines, will be delighted by the 3.5 miles of preserved line that is the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway. Albeit a short run, the steep graded railway offers unparalleled lake and river views of the Leven Valley. Given the obvious passion for Thomas The Tank Engine amongst young children, this is sure to be a winning day out for all the family. Avoid tears before bedtime by making sure your visit takes place between April and October, when the Railway is operational. Forget about the stress of the normal commute to work in crowded trains, this is definitely a case where the train takes the strain away, all on the doorstep of Bowness-on-Windermere Hotels.

Any mention of great days out for a family of hard to please children would not be worth its salt without a nod to the excellent World of Beatrix Potter Museum which is within close reach of guests of Bowness-on-Windermere Hotels. Much of Beatrix Potter's writing and illustration work took inspiration from the unspoilt landscape of the Lake District. Children and adults alike can enjoy the Beatrix Potter story on many levels, brought to life by the characters which have enjoyed huge popularity through her works, such as Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck.

In contrast to the more gentle side of life, Bowness-on-Windermere Hotels also offer opportunities for the more energetic of those amongst us who cannot be tamed. Victorian buildings may allude to a more genteel way of the past, but inside many of these hotels you will find the most up-to-date facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, saunas and spas. There is a tradition of the latter, with certain establishments in the Victorian era catering specifically for a clientele looking for the health benefits provided by the miraculous waters of life. Of course, these days the facilities come with the learning and expertise we have now in terms of health, beauty and well being. Looking after yourself can be so much more of an attractive prospect if the carrot on the end of the stick that is the hour long session in the gym, is a gentle swim, a sauna and a relaxing massage. Oh, and not forgetting a pre-dinner mojito cocktail or two if it happens to be a very special occasion.

Bowness-on-Windermere Hotels are perfectly placed for enjoying the full range of outdoor activities for all ages and levels of expertise or exhilaration. Sailing and the full gambit of water-sports activities can be easily found, and many hotels will even help you to arrange these for you and your party, with specialist instruction if required. Land-based activities are also available to those who, aside of the daily ablution, regard water as just something which you add to a glass of whisky. Why not get that hunting-shooting-fishing feel about yourself, by trying the less politically incorrect clay pigeon shooting. Just remember to put the whisky down, and no, clay pigeons do not have feelings too, don't be silly.

With so much beauty in the surroundings and in the accommodation itself, it is no wonder that Bowness-on-Windermere Hotels are ideal for special occasions of any kind. Aside of providing great conference facilities with all the modern facilities to suit the requirements of businesses in terms of presentations and seminar delivery, the hotels are stunning venues for weddings and civil ceremonies. This may not be the most obvious perspective, but treat your wedding photographer to a feast of wonderful backdrops, be it the beautiful craftsmanship of the fine Victorian architecture, or the tranquil beauty of Lake Windermere itself. Not only will the photographs and the event itself be memorable, a boat trip on the lake the following day will allow the guests to clear the cobwebs of the night before from their tired heads. That's of course of the full English breakfast has not already sorted them out.